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Intel Ivy Bridge Processor


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In our search for just the right balance between cost and performance for the serious trader we designed the F-37X to create a best bang-for-the-buck trading computer that has a lot of power.

With a Quad Core processor running at up to 4.5GHz it is much faster than any consumer or business computer available today while delivering the seemingly mutually exclusive goals of being very powerful yet reasonably priced.

The F-37X comes standard with one of the fastest solid state hard drives available today to give you the best possible computing experience.

The F-37X uses the 3rd generation "Ivy Bridge" processor with 1.4 billion transistors to deliver outstanding performance that has made it the most popular model for our traders and hedge funds worldwide.

Our Solid State Hard Drives (SSD) are SATA3 and have a sustained sequential read rate of 500-550MB/s, depending on the model. This is nearly twice as fast as the 250-280MB/s SATA2 SSDs used by others. Our 1TB hard drives are a full 7200rpm (some others are variable speed) and are designed for heavy duty use in servers.

Trading demands performance. Top traders know the importance of top equipment. The F-37X is the best-of-breed.

**4.5Ghz is the maximum speed the processor will speed up to when demanded. Normally the processor will operate at 3.3Ghz or 3.4Ghz during light load conditions.

Max. Memory: 32GB DDR3   Networking: Gigabit Ethernet
Max. monitors: 12   USB Connections: Front and Rear
Standard Hard Drive: 1.0TB SATA2   Speaker Connections: Front & Rear
Wireless Networking: Optional   Microphone Connections: Front & Rear