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Trading Computer Graphics Selection

Graphics cards are an important part of any Trading Computer. They are responsible for displaying all the information you see on your screen, so selecting the right card for your needs is essential. This article will discuss some factors to consider when choosing a graphics card for your trading computer.

There are two modes of graphics card operation: 2D and 3D. 2D is used for most purposes like email, Internet surfing, office software, and trading software. 3D is used in computer games. Some graphics cards that are excellent at 3D gaming may just be average at 2D graphics. Some 2D graphics cards (like the Quadro P620) are outstanding at 2D graphics and have minimal 3D gaming capability. Because of their drivers, AMD/ATI dedicated graphics cards have had difficulty rendering 2D content. We prefer Nvidia graphics cards for all our trading computers since they have superior drivers and a higher degree of dependability.

Using gaming video cards in your trading computer configuration is possible, but we don't usually recommend it unless your application demands it. Gaming cards operate hotter and have a shorter lifespan, making them more likely to fail. Reliability often takes a backseat to performance with gaming cards since they are designed for playing games at the highest framerate possible. Another deterrent is the cost: most mid-range gaming GPUs cost $500 or more each and may only provide two or three output displays.

At Falcon, 90% of the machines we ship have Nvidia Quadro cards installed. The Nvidia Quadro line was developed particularly for the business sector. Therefore, the drivers and hardware are tailored to manage many monitors and are optimized for 2D applications. Such applications include CAD, Logistics, and Financial markets. The main advantage of Quadro cards over Graphics cards used for gaming is the stability and predictability of their drivers and hardware design. If you primarily use your machine for trading software, then we recommend Nvidia Quadro cards. If you would like to use your system for gaming as well as trading, we have options for that as well. Please contact our sales team, and they can get your Trading Computer customized to fit your needs perfectly.

ThinkOrSwim’s Technical Support Team suggests graphics cards with the ability to compute data similarly to a processor using an NVIDIA technology called CUDA, which essentially allows you to run the math on your graphics card, so if you're using ThinkOrSwim, one of our T400/P620/T600 Graphics card options will be required when customizing your Trading Computer.